Types of Aquariums

Have you been thinking about spicing up the decor of your new home through the addition of a living mural? Are you already well down the road when it comes to aquarium addiction, but are always thirsty to learn about new possibilities in terms of creating an aquatic environment? Maybe you are at heart the most ardent of animal fans, and just want to know the ideal living space that will allow you to keep as many pets as possible. Wherever you are in your search for the ideal aquarium, knowing which types are available to you is the first step in bringing your goals to fruition.

That is what this section of our site is all about. Knowing the types of aquariums that are out there can assist any aquarium owner, or aspiring aquarium owner, in determining which tank (or tanks) will suit them best. This might be determined by the size of the room or the type of animal you want the aquarium to hold.

In this section, we will have articles that take a look at size, type, and complexity of aquariums and help the reader to decide which models will best work according to their specific criteria. Let's take a look at a few broad areas that directly affect the type of aquarium you will need below.

    Space. Generally, the first condition of an appropriate aquarium is the space it will take up. You might be looking for an aquarium that will fit onto the countertop, or you might be looking for a unit that will take up an entire wall in a recreation room. There is a huge range of measurements that help define aquarium type, and these will be considered here.

    Species. When most people think aquarium, they think exclusively aquatic. However, aquariums can be used for land based pets (although these are commonly called terrariums, but they are the same basic structure and material). In addition, aquariums can be used to create all sorts of environments in between; you might want to keep fish, frogs, and turtles all in the same tank. Well, some types of aquariums allow for that. And then, of course, there are aquariums devoted solely to fish; these in themselves account for a huge variety, and it is important to know which types suit which species.

    Economy. Once you have an idea about the type of aquarium you are looking for in the above areas, it is time to think about costs. Different aquariums will contain different materials with varying concentrations, and this can mean a wide disparity, in terms of prices. We will take a look at how important these materials are and the prices you can expect to pay. This might be linked to species, as some animals need more elaborate tanks with water treatment chemicals and heaters.

Beyond the areas we touch on above, aquariums can be divided into type according to manufacturer, year, model, and so on. A look at a pet store will show you that tanks can also be defined according to the accessories they come with; we will talk about the benefits of purchasing this type of aquarium as well.

All in all, both the aquarium newbie and the long term aquarium enthusiast will benefit from the information we provide in this section regarding types of aquariums, and how they can fit in to your overall hobby scheme. To get yourself started, why not watch this video on how to choose an aquarium.

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