Salt Water

Most people start keeping an aquarium as a hobby because of the decorative factor they add to the house. For these people, the ultimate goal in aquarium keeping is to eventually be able to purchase and maintain saltwater, or marine, aquariums, which offer the most spectacular decorative touches of all. You can now even see these in public buildings, from the office waiting rooms of a dental clinic to Chinese restaurant to create a calm and decorative mood.

Generally, only those who have become proficient, as far as aquarium keeping goes, use saltwater aquariums. These tanks require a lot more work than their freshwater counterparts, and can be a lot more expensive as well. Here are some of the things you need to consider when it comes to marine aquariums.

The need for more equipment. Fresh water is fairly easy to come by for aquarium keepers, but saltwater is another story. They just require too much set up and maintenance. Hobbyists with marine tanks need to purchase equipment that keeps the salinity levels of the water stable, water-testing equipment, and more complex filtration systems. In addition, aquarium lighting is more vital for salt-water species than fresh. The lighting scheme needs to be set up so that it simulates the day and night cycles of the species' natural environments. If you're setting up the aquarium in your home, you have to remember in winter that this does not necessarily coincide with the sun cycle.

More expensive fish! Most of the time, salt-water fish species are harder to come by and therefore more expensive than their freshwater counterparts. This means that mistakes in the upkeep of the aquarium can be very costly.

Salt water is corrosive! This means that you will probably have to replace your equipment more often than you would with a fresh water system. Even if you don't, odds are that the salt-water designed equipment you purchase will be more costly than fresh water.

That said, keeping a salt-water aquarium properly could be very rewarding. For one thing, most salt-water species are much more beautiful than freshwater species. You can also mix a greater number of species in a salt-water tank, as many of these fish live side by side in their natural environments. If you're trying to enhance a room in your home or office, and have the time to maintain it, this could be the perfect accent to any room. Types of saltwater fish.

Even the aquarium decorations have a greater diversity in marine aquariums than in freshwater tanks. Tropical waters, of course, mean coral, and that poses an infinite number of options for those looking to decorate their tanks. Artificial coral is the most popular, but many marine aquarium owners choose to purchase live coral (or live rock) for their aquariums. It's not exactly common to see these species in our oceans, so why not bring them into your home?

Salt-water tanks are the pinnacle of aquarium keeping, but make no mistake, they are a lot of work. They can also be expensive, so make sure that you are comfortable with your aquarium knowledge before setting up a marine tank! They can really bring a space to life (literally)! We would like to extend our gratitude for our website sponsor,

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