Other Pets

If you live in a condo for example, chances are the only type of pet you're allowed to keep is the kind that lives in a tank. Most people assume that only fish live in tanks, but did you know that there are a whole host of other animals that will do perfectly fine in your old fish tank? If you're looking for a way to fudge your landlord's rules on pets, here are some ways to turn your old aquarium into a dream home for some other type of lucky pet.


Snakes are probably the most popular non-fish pets to keep in an aquarium, at least among teenage boys and young men, who like to keep them in their homes to scare sisters, mothers, and girlfriends. Some common types of pet snake are corn snakes, king snakes, and ball pythons. To outfit your aquarium for a snake, make sure it is escape proof and has both warm and cool areas.

Turtles and Tortoises

Turtles are actually forbidden to have as pets in many areas, so check to make sure you're not contravening some state law by having one. If it's okay, outfit your tank with a water pool, some rocks, dirt, and plants so the turtle will feel at home.


If you plan on keeping a lizard in an aquarium make sure it's not a species that will grow to be huge (an Iguana, for example). Some small lizards include Leopard Geckos and Green Anoles. To outfit your tank for a lizard, install UV lighting (if the species requires it), rocks, a pond, and a heat lamp.


Though most people think of insects as annoying buggers that invade in the summer, some types actually make great pets. De-venomed Tarantulas, stick insects, and certain types of cockroaches are often kept as pets. Usually all you need to do to your tank is keep it escape proof.

Frogs and Toads

The setup of your tank will depend on what sort of climate your frog is from. Drier climates can be simulated with some dirt, sticks, and plants, while wetter ones will need a pond area and tree frogs require a lot of foliage.

Crabs and Lobsters

In keeping with an ocean theme without the tank full of water, you can actually keep many types of crab (hermit crabs are popular) in an aquarium. Supplied with shells, rocks, a mister, and a pond area, they can live quite easily with you in your home.

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