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Maybe you like the idea of an aquarium, but don't like the idea of all the work associated with them. Many of us find the idea of keeping small animals in enclosures within our houses appealing. They offer a kind of companionship, they are something to take care of, and they also add a decorative touch to our homes. Aquariums, though, require a lot of labour, even very small ones. That labour is generally associated with changing the water in the aquariums, a process which can be quite time consuming.

Well, there are alternatives for people who want the decorative touches of an aquarium without the extra labour associated with aquatic species. Aquariums with no water in them are called terrariums. They offer the same decorative potential as aquariums, but the species housed in these units are generally a lot easier to take care of. If you're the type of person who runs from your home to a high pressure job, to a vivid night life, this might be the pet environment for you. More importantly, the lack of water means that terrariums do not need to be cleaned as often as their water filled counterparts, where you have to worry about tank every few weeks at least. Let's take a look at some terrarium details.

What kind of animals can you keep in a terrarium? There are a surprising amount of species that can be kept in a terrarium. Lizards and other reptiles, some kinds of amphibian, spiders, and insects are all found in terrarium displays. The organisms range in size, from tiny ants to huge boa constrictors.

Are aquarium decorations necessary? As with aquariums, the decorations in terrariums serve two different purposes. The first is to provide the species in the terrarium with some security (decorations are seen as shelter) and exercise. The second is to provide a decorative touch to your home. The kind of decoration used will depend on the species housed in the terrarium. You could have anything from vegetation to web slings to make a lizard hammock.

What kind of lighting is needed? As with aquarium lighting, the light system you use in a terrarium will be determined by the needs of the species inside. Lights can help you and others see the animals inside, but may also be vital to the health of the organisms you keep as pets. Heat generating lights, in particular, may be needed.

Please note that opting for a terrarium does not mean that you are free of cleaning chores altogether. Like any other pet, terrarium species will produce waste in some form, and that means that cleaning is necessary on a regular basis. However, we do think you will find that the process is less time consuming than with an aquarium. Some people choose artwork to enhance their space, but others find that having a living background for a room is the most stunning option.

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