Backyard Ponds

An aquarium can improve the inside of your home. Standard aquariums aren't outdoor fixtures, but there is a way to take your fish-keeping hobby outside with you - you can install a backyard pond.

Ponds come in almost any shape and size you can think of. Figure out if there's enough space in your yard to install a pond or if even the smallest pond will infringe on the properties of neighbours. Choose a size and a shape and decide what you want to have in it. Some people just want a pond while others want to have water plants and fish to fill it, and still others are looking for fancy features like streams and fountains.

Koi are the most common type of fish to keep in a backyard pond. They are a type of carp and are cold water fish, enabling them to live outside. They can survive the winter in the more southerly parts of Canada if their ponds are deep enough (usually over 1.5 meters) or if you install a heater. If you've got your heart set on another type of fish or a different aquarium animal, check with the local dealer to make sure they can survive living outside. You don't want a backyard pond full of frozen fish.

Image of Koi fish

Once you've settled on the size and composition of your pond, there are several different ways to install it. You can build it yourself as a DIY project if you're good with a level and a shovel. All you need is some wood, sand, a liner, and some boulders or bricks to hold the edges down. Or you can buy a prefab kit at a home improvement store and have someone install it. If you're really lazy, you can put your home on the Windsor real estate listings and tell your real estate agent to find you a new house that already has a pond.

Once your pond is in place, you'll need to do a certain amount of maintenance to keep it looking good. If you have a more expensive pond with filters and plants and fish, you can achieve an ecological balance that will keep it going automatically. Otherwise, you'll want to remove plant matter that blows into the pond from the trees outside your neighbors' Lindsay, Ontario houses before it decays. You'll also need to use chemical additives to fight algae and keep the pH level ideal.

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