Aquariums As Decoration

So you and your devoted pet goldfish Goldy have just bought a new home and it's a blank palate. Decoratively, you can do anything at all. So what will you do? Well, you can always outfit your new home with the traditional Ikea and Pottery Barn furniture to make your home pretty but generic. Goldy can have a little tank on the bookshelf just like in your last apartment and your lives can go back to the way they were. Or, you and Goldy can do something daring that will improve Goldy's lifestyle and give you a unique take on your decorating scheme.

We're talking, of course, of using Goldy's aquarium as a decoration. Decorative aquariums are one-of-a-kind. You don't find them in all the suburban cookie-cutter homes or in the catalog for a major department store. They're something you create yourself to suit both your fish's habitat preferences and your personal decorating tastes. They both help display your impeccable taste and improve Goldy's standard of life. The end result is a stunning attention-getter that will help open conversations at dinner parties and keep you company when you're alone.

Decorative aquariums have a major advantage over other types of decoration because they're alive. All those vases, cut flowers and knickknacks that other homeowners eagerly fill up their homes, with never change. They make a static display that's good for one glance and then you've seen it all. A vase is always a vase. Knickknacks are always knickknacks, and flowers won't do anything but die. But an aquarium never gets old to look at because Goldy and her friends are always swimming in and out of their little houses and whirling around each other. They're both decoration and entertainment.

You may shy away from the idea of a decorative aquarium because you think buying and outfitting it will cost more doing something like painting a wall mural, but don't let cost hold you back. While you can plan an extravagant tank if you want to, it's also possible to build a decorative aquarium on a budget. There are many different ways an aquarium can fit into your decorating scheme without involving contractors to re-arrange the structure of your living room to incorporate Goldy's tank. We can help you form a plan for a decorative aquarium without breaking the bank.

Another major fallacy regarding decorative aquariums is that they only fit in if you're planning an interior decorating scheme to simulate the interior of a ship or decorations from Disney's The Little Mermaid. But the truth is, Goldy and her home can fit into any decorating scheme if you do things right. How do you do things right, you ask? Simple! Read our enlightening series of articles on making decorative aquariums for all the hints and tips you'll need to create a spectacular decorative piece for your new home. You'll be glad you did, because not only will your guests be impressed, but Goldy will be happier, too!


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